Stated Meeting August 11, 2016

James A. Smith Masonic Lodge #395 will have our Regular Stated Meeting on Thursday, August 11, 2016.  Dinner begins at 6:3o p.m. and the meeting will start shortly after 7.   Anyone wishing to know about the fraternity of Freemasonry is highly encouraged to join us for dinner. Here you can have a look around, meet friendly and welcoming Brothers, ask any questions you may have and learn what makes Masonry so special.

2 B 1 ASK 1

Anyone wishing to know more about the fraternity of Freemasonry should seek out a Mason or a Lodge and ask anything you wish. Often times a Mason can be recognized by the Square and Compasses usually found on a ring, car emblem, bumper sticker… Chances are you know more Masons than you realize.

To find a recognized Lodge in Texas please visit the Grand Lodge of Texas Lodge Locator . Here you can search by City, County, District or Lodge name.

Masons do not “recruit” or solicit members to join, however, if you ask a Mason, he will gladly talk about the Brotherhood and answer your questions to the best of his abilities and will probably invite you to the Lodge for dinner and to have a look and speak with other Brothers.

We at James A. Smith Masonic Lodge #395 wish to extend to all men who are interested in learning more, a warm invitation to join us Thursday evening, August 11, at 6:30 p.m.