Masonic Rituals

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FREEMASON RITUALS While Freemasonry is not a secret society, Masonic Lodges do have their secrets. These secrets are delivered in the form of Freemason rituals. Masonic Rituals or masonic rites as they are sometimes called, are ancient ceremonies that the candidate go through to learn the Masonic symbols, and their applicable interpretations of meaning. Each […]

Ancients v. Moderns

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The issue of the Ancients v. Moderns is an important part of Masonic history. In 1717 the Grand Lodge of England formed with four speculative lodges in London. As the Grand Lodge grew and more lodges considered joining the Grand Lodge, a new concept in Freemasonry at the time, a divide began to form. The […]

Secret Society!

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Masonry has thrived in times of persecution. It did not need to advertise to attract members. Proximity was enough to draw the attention of worthy seekers. Its secrecy was the attractor, not its incessant declarations to be a somewhat quirky club that has secret handshakes. I have often heard it said that Freemasonry is not […]

Open House May 27th


James A. Smith Masonic Lodge is pleased to welcome visitors and friends to our Open House, Saturday May 27th from 10 to 2 p.m. Information about our Lodge and Freemasonry in general will be on display for all to see with tours by Lodge Officers, past and present. Please join us for hamburgers and refreshments, and […]